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Cancellation Notice Policy:

So there are no misunderstandings in our Cancellations Policies please read and familiarize yourself with these important issues. These policies are made to be fair to all our dedicated and loyal customers, Gene's Resort, our employees, and our independent contractors and/or guides. When you make and/or confirm your reservation/s, your credit card number (Visa - MasterCard - American Express or Discover) must be obtained to guarantee and secure your total reservations. Gene's Resort will not apply any payments on your credit card at the time of making reservations. We do request, if possible, that all your final payments be made by cash, travelers checks, or personal checks.

Lodge #7, Lodge #10, and Grand Suites #19 & #20

Must receive your cancellation PRIOR TO;

60 days of your reservation date for a full refund.  
59-30 days will result in a 50% charge to your total reservations.
29-15 days will result in a 75% charge to your total reservations. 
14-1 days will result in a 100% charge to your total reservations.

All Cabins-Boat Rentals-Guided Trout Fishing Trips

Must receive your cancellation PRIOR TO;

14 days
 of your reservation date for a full refund.
13-8 days will result in a 50% charge to your total reservations.
7-4 days will result in a 75% charge to your total reservations.
3-1 days will result in a 100% charge to your total reservations.

No Shows

Failure to arrive without cancelling reservations will result in a FULL CHARGE (100%) of all reserved accommodations, equipment and/or services. 

When making initial reservation/s, please insist on receiving a Reservation Confirmation Number. If you cancel your reservation/s, please insist on receiving a Cancellation Confirmation Number. This is for your protection.

Our Cancellation Policy applies to all reservations regardless of any inclement weather, river/water conditions, family emergencies, and/or early departure from our resort. Please understand our position and fairness to all our customers.

If Gene's Trout Fishing Resort is able to rent any of your canceled accommodations, equipment, and/or services, no charges to your account will be made to each respective booked reservation. Gene’s Resort is only concerned with recovering booked reservations and NOT a financial loss. Thank you for your complete understanding in this important matter.


PETS ARE LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM WEIGHT OF 75 POUNDS OR LESS ! Maximum limit of two pets per authorized cabin please. Pet charge is $35 per pet under 35 pounds and $75.00 per pet 36 pounds to 75 pounds. This charge is a one-time charge and is non-refundable. Please understand that Gene's Resort must pay our cabin cleaning personnel extra for extra pet cleaning. Furniture, beds, couches, and recliners must be thoroughly cleaned and treated. 

Gene's Resort loves pets and we "relaxed" these pet policies. We ALL must have respect for those whom may otherwise be sensitive to and/or intimidated by larger animals/pets. Your pet is NOT allowed to run free, swim in the river or lake, or otherwise frolic in the dirt, mud, or riverbank. Please do not have your pet sleep or stay with you in any of our beds, futons, or couches. Your pet must always be leashed and with the owner when outdoors. You will be responsible for cleaning up after your pets "duty". Please do not allow your pet to urinate on our gardens/plant areas. Please honestly and respectfully adhere to these "Pet Policies" for the safety and comfort of others. Your cooperation will allow these "relaxed" policies to extend into the future.

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